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Light-sport aircraft for under $100,000 take to the skies

Owning a personal plane was once something that only millionares and corporations could do. Some pilots choose to buy used aircraft to have their own ticket to the sky.

Plane and Pilot Magazine's website feature a story on private aircraft under $100,000. These planes are called light-sport aircraft, or LSAs.

Changes in aircraft regulation have allowed smaller planes to go into production and reach a wider market. For some pilots, an LSA could be the perfect way to own a new plane.

Certain restrictions apply to LSAs. They are prohibited from flying at night or out of the United States. Other rules apply as well, so if you think an LSA is for you, read the article carefully for the details.

Do you fly an LSA? Tell us about it. Leave a comment below and share your story.
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World War II PT-19 to be restored, minus woodchucks.

When you look in a dusty old attic or warehouse, who knows what you might find?

KTVB.com features the story of group of aviation buffs who found an old World War II era Fairchild PT-19, stored for over 40 years in a hangar in Idaho.

A group, called the Commemorative Air Force, plan to restore the plane to flight-ready condition.

They have their work cut out for them. Not only was the plane covered with dust and cobwebs, but a family of woodchucks had taken up residence in the wings.
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Civil aircraft sales keep climbing

Reuters features a story on the optimistic forecasts for the Aerospace industry. Sales of aircraft are expected to reach $195 billion next year.

Aircraft sales in this year have been rising as well, climbing 8.4 percent to $184.4 billion.

While sales in defense and space related aerospace have been climbing, civil aircraft sales are also strong, rising $8.3 billion to $47.5 billion.
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Flying from the South to North Pole by Helicopter

Adventurers are hard-pressed to find new records to break or new frontiers to conquer. Flying around the world, scaling the peak of Everest, and landing on the moon are all in the record books already.

Anyone forget about record for flying around the world via the South and North Poles in a helicopter?

According to a story on the Aero News Network, Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill are planning to fly into history by being the first to fly a Bell 407 helicopter pole to pole. The two pilots took off on December 5 to start their journey.

Murray and Bodill landed in Waco, Texas, on December 6 to meet with high school students and discuss their journey. If all goes well, the pilots will arrive at their goal in May 2007.
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Ice warning reach pilots faster thanks to system upgrade

National Geographic features a story on a new way pilots can be warned about dangerous ice conditions.

The system called Current Icing Product (CIP) had been available to air traffic controller and weather forecasters before. Now aircraft pilots can access the CIP information directly thanks to a recent upgrade.

The CIP system combines reports from sources ranging from weather radar to surface observations. The information can now be streamed directly into an aircraft cockpit.

Prior to the system upgrade, reports could only be read by those trained to make sense of the of the data, then the reports were relayed to air traffic controllers and weather experts. Now pilots can access the information while flying, giving more time to avoid dangerous icy conditions.
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Visual flight rules or instrument flight rules? Which is safer?

CentreDaily.com features a story on the debate over rules that determine how small aircraft are piloted.

Following the crash of a small plane that killed Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle, some fear that small planes are flying with too little supervision.

The story explores the difference between flying with visual flight rules (VFR) or instrument flight rules (IFR).

Air Traffic Control also plays a role in determining how small aircraft should fly under different weather conditions.

What do you think? What should be done to make the skies safer for small aircaft? Speak out and leave a comment below.
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New hybrid aircraft engine to take off in 2007

Just like their counterparts in the automotive world, aircraft engine designers are looking for creative ways to save fuel. Insidegreentech.com features a story on how a new hybrid engine could not only save fuel, but change aircraft design as well.

Designed by The Scuderi Group, the engine stores compressed air when the engine is in flight. The design gives the engine boosts of power during takeoffs, allowing aircraft to use smaller runways. The engine also reduces emissions around 80 percent.

When the new engine is introduced, the hope is to make planes and other aircraft lighter and easier to build.

A prototype is expected to be ready in 2007.
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Single pilot jets take to the air

Flying Magazine’s website features a story about single pilot jet aircraft and their regulation. The FAA has permitted jets to fly with single pilots since 1977, but there are still issues concerning safety and insurance that remain.

The story also covers the history and decisions the FAA made over time when writing the regulations for single pilot jets. The FAA concluded that the pilot is the crucial factor in the safety of a plane. While bigger transport jets still require two pilots, and experienced pilot can fly a smaller jet alone.

Do you fly a single pilot jet plane? Tell us you story. Leave a comment below.
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Seagull airplanes? How bird wings could change aircraft

Seagulls are often mocked as a lowly bird and called "rats with wings". Movies like Finding Nemo portray the gull as an obnoxious eating machine. What the seagull lacks in manners, it makes up for in aerodynamics.

National Geographic News reports that NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia conducted wind tunnel tests using nature's sleekest designs as inspiration. Test wings were built using the fins and wings of sharks, whales, and birds as a template

Out of all the test wings, the seagull-style wing showed the greatest drag reduction.

Now does this mean we will be seeing seagull-shaped planes soaring overhead soon? Not yet. NASA is gearing up for more space exploration, not airplane construction. New strong and pliable construction materials will be needed as well.
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Welcome to Aero Trader Insider - We are ready for takeoff!

The Aero Trader Insider is ready for takeoff!

As this blog rolls down the runway and takes flight, we would like to introduce ourselves. Welcome aboard the Aero Trader Insider.

For those of you who might be unfamilar with blogging and what a blog is, here is an introduction.

What is a blog?

A “blog” is an online diary or journal written by a “blogger” to inform others about a particular subject. “Blogging” is when a person uses a blog to share their thoughts and ideas. Businesses use blogs to inform their customers about their services and official news. Others use blogs to create online communities, where individuals with a common interest come together to communicate. The “Blogosphere” refers to the world of all bloggers, or bloggers in a particular community or subject, like sports, politics, or pop culture.

What is Aero Trader Insider?

Aero Trader Insider is the official blog of Aero Trader Online.

AeroTraderOnline.com is owned and operated by Trader Publishing Company. Formed in 1991, Trader Publishing Company is the nation's leading publisher of specialty classified advertising publications. Aero Trader Online serves private parties wanting to buy and sell used aircraft, yet also serves as a forum for dealers and brokers to advertise their vehicles for sale.

Trader's print magazines, like Aero Trader, are distributed through hundreds of thousands of distribution points in most of the United States.

What does Aero Trader Insider do?

The Aero Trader Insider seeks to inform and create an online community for aircraft buyers and sellers, pilots, and all who are interested in aircraft.

Aviation is more than just small airplanes, it's corporate jets used by businesses to expand their travel needs Helicopters take flight for private and public needs. Small aircraft are piloted by those who seek adventure in the open skies.

We seek out news and information related to aviation from all over the World Wide Web to inform our readers. We hope our readers will use Aero Trader Online’s services to buy and sell aircraft, but we also wish to contribute to the online aircraft community through sharing news and information, not just about Aero Trader Online, but the entire world of aircraft.

If you are an aircraft buyer, aircraft seller, a pilot, manage a fleet of aircraft, own a business that supports aircraft, or just interested in flying, we want you to read our blog and offer your comments and feedback.

What do we blog about at Aero Trader Insider?

While the aircraft community has so many issues and topics to cover, we want our focus to be on buying and selling both new and used aircraft.

But world of aircraft is more than machinery; it is the people who fly and own aircraft. Pilots and owners have their own stories to share. We hope to use our blog to write about them too.

You can help Aero Trader Insider!

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