Deer saved from frozen lake by news chopper

WCSH in Portland, Oregon features the story and dramatic video of the rescue of a stranded deer by a TV news helicopter.

The helicopter, from KWTV in Oklahoma, spotted the deer trapped in the icy waters of a frozen lake. Realizing that the deer would die unless helped, news chopper pilot Mason Dunn used the rotor blast to push the animal to safety.
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Used small plane sales are taking off

The Wichita Eagle reports that small aircraft sales are rising, thanks to a strong economy and growing demand for planes. 2006 was the fifth year in a row that used small plane sales were up.

The demand for new planes is actually helping used aircraft sales. Orders for new planes take time to fill. Customers are buying used planes rather than wait for an order.

The hassle of increased security at airports is another factor. Small planes give businesses an option to fly with more flexible schedules and with fewer delays.

Have you bought a used small plane lately? What factors made you decide in the favor of buying a used plane instead of new? Tell us your story and post a comment below.

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Gliders take passengers on silent and amazing flights

The Seattle Post Intelligencer features a story on glider flying over the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Glider passengers fly over the island to take in the gorgeous scenery and crystal blue waters.

You can rent a seat on a glider with an FAA certified pilot to handle the controls. Gilders have no engines, making the flight whisper quiet. Small planes tow the glider to reach a flying attitude, and then release the cable to start the glide down.

Glider flights can be placid trips downward towards Earth, or they can be daring flights with rolls and loops for more hearty passengers.

Have you flown on a glider recently? Do you have any stories to share? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.
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Should you buy a new plane or used?

Flying Magazine features a story on the choice between buying a new plane over a used plane. What factors make a new plane the best choice?

A big difference is when a plane being purchased for business use over private use. A business usually has more money to finance and support a new plane purchase.

Newer planes feature the latest technology and advancements. Warranties with new planes are easier to project over the long term.

Are you planning to buy a new plane? Post a comment below and tell us about it.
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Too many planes and not enough hangars?

The private aircraft business is booming. Demand for jets and other aircraft by businesses and individuals has increased the number of planes, but hangar space in big cities like New York is becoming scarce.

The New York Times reports that firms that service and fly private aircraft in the New York area are having a tough time finding space to grow.

Airports can only expand so far due to zoning issues, and they need space to serve commercial airlines as well as private aircraft. Now rents are soaring (no pun intended) for prime space at busy airports.
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Tornado damage cleanup begins at Florida flight school

It was a tough Christmas for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, after a tornado damaged over fifty aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Technology's website features a report on the storm damage and amazing photos of the damaged planes.

No one was killed by the high winds and flying debris, but aircraft at the flight school were flipped over or had their wings snapped off.

Despite the heavy damage, the University hopes to have the cleanup done in time for the spring semester.
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