Schweiss Doors introduction of spherical bearings is unique to the hydraulic door industry

Schweiss Doors has once again proven to be a worldwide leader in production of hydraulic and bifold doors, and is proud to announce it has made another unique design improvement to its hydraulic one-piece doors with the addition of “spherical” bearings.

All Schweiss “Red Power” Hydraulic Doors are now built with spherical bearings. These bearings are critical to the safe and smooth operation of the door. The design team at Schweiss Doors, during an extensive testing phase, found them to be the perfect answer to a stronger, longer lasting door for its customers.

No one else in the industry has adopted this unique feature. Others seem to be content with the use of conventional bearings, but Schweiss Doors engineering team has proven that spherical bearings are far superior. Itʼs simple, just plain common sense — when you use superior components, you get a superior product.

Spherical bearings are not something new, but they are “new” to the door industry. They are being used and have been used in tractor 3-point hitches, planters, drawbars, car suspensions, engines, driveshafts, heavy machinery and many other applications throughout the years. Schweiss Doors was “light years” ahead of the curve in engineering genius by realizing they would be perfect for its “Red Power” hydraulic lift doors, which in many cases are large and heavy doors.

Schweiss Hydraulic Door spherical bearings are strategically located between the teardrop area and cylinder plate at each end of the doors large lifting and closing cylinders. Each door frame has a certain amount of deflection when in operation. Spherical bearings allow for less friction, eliminate binding, wear and damage to a door cylinder and take up any flexing of the door frame.

With over 30 years as an established company, Schweiss Doors will continue to be at the top of its trade. You can always rely on Schweiss Doors for the very best in a agricultural, aeronautical, industrial, commercial, residential and designer doors.

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Schweiss Doors develops new “Red Power” Hydraulic Pump

Schweiss Doors, a Minnesota based company, providing quality Bifold and Hydraulic One-Piece Doors for agricultural buildings, aircraft hangars, businesses and other installations, announces they have developed a new, more powerful and smoother running hydraulic pump system which goes by the trade name of “Red Power.”

Mike Schweiss, owner of the company, said since it was first introduced at various trade shows around the U.S. farmers, ranchers and pilots have been asking for it by name.

“Over the years we rolled together our customer comments, combined with our knowledge and experience, and turned it over to our talented Schweiss design team to perfect. Whatʼs really nice for the buyer is that we donʼt charge them a penny more for this new pump than they paid before. It goes on all our hydraulic doors and is made at our factory,” said Schweiss.

The Red Power Hydraulic Pump comes to the buyer in a compact unit, ready to be mounted where the buyer wants it, whether it be on a wall, top-hung, floor or back room.  Itʼs power comes from a top quality LEESON motor and offers superior electrical components.

The Safety Advantage System and three back-up systems are something buyers are really liking. They allow the door to lock up and down and safely lower the door in an emergency from ground level. The hydraulic directional control valve has a built in manual override.  Back-up systems are all in the same compact unit. In case of electrical failure a pilot can use a DC battery, tractor hydraulic or a drill with a 7/16: hex head to raise or lower the door.

Red Power hydraulic pumps come in 2 h.p and go all the way up to 10 h.p. for larger doors.

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