Yves “FusionMan” Rossy Flies Over The Alps In First Demonstration Flight

Skydivers are sometimes asked "Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" How about if you jump out of a plane with your own wings?

Yves “FusionMan” Rossy, the first man to fly under a single jet-powered wing, recently completed his first official demonstration before the international press.

Released from a plane at an altitude of 8,000 feet, he completed a circuit in just over 5 minutes which saw him fly over the Swiss Chablais and neighboring mountains.

According to the press release...

The spectacle was impressive. Yves Rossy leapt from the plane with his wing folded, then deployed his craft and began the flight proper. He made several “figure of eights” above spectators aware of being present at an exceptional event. At the end of the flight FusionMan deployed his parachute, folded the wing and landed safely at Bex airdrome.

The fusion of technology, body and mind Yves Rossy represents the intensely close relationship between the development of a technology, a body honed to perfection which he uses to steer his craft, and a mind attuned to split-second coordination of flight parameters. The only instruments available to Yves Rossy are a throttle and an audible altimeter. Otherwise he flies like a bird, using only his body to change direction. The name FusionMan reflects this synergy of diverse skills that has made a dream come true.

This marks the first official step in developing the wing designed by Yves Rossy. Thanks to the support of Jean-Claude Biver, the boss of Hublot watches, the pilot can devote more of his time to his passion and its future development. Some exploits are likely to leave a lasting impression: the first release from a hot air balloon, the first flight in formation or the first “loop the loop” are just some of the pioneering feats that FusionMan is hoping to accomplish over the coming months.

The Channel crossing is scheduled for next autumn. Powered by scaled down Jet-Cat engines, his aircraft has exceptional potential in terms of flying time and range, safety and handling.

Here is video of a previous FusionMan flight posted on YouTube.

Source: Jet-Man.com
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BC Wilson said...

Does FusionMan realize that he has an obligation to society? He must use this new power of flight to fight international crime! It would be better if he could also shoot lasers from his eyes, but maybe he's working on that part...

Anonymous said...

I will figure out the laser beams if he will just let me fly it!


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