Cirrus Aircraft To Feature Cirrus Perspective Flight Deck By Garmin

Garmin International Inc. announced today that Cirrus Aircraft will offer Cirrus Perspective, Garmin’s all-glass, fully-integrated flight deck tailored for the Duluth, Minnesota, based aircraft manufacturer and its SR22-G3.

According to Garmin...

Cirrus Perspective will be offered as an option on Cirrus SR22-G3 aircraft. All information — from aircraft attitude and air data to engine instrumentation, real-time weather data link, traffic and terrain — is integrated and digitally depicted on the 12-inch primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function display (MFD). Thanks to these large displays, pilots will be able to see the big picture, which will ultimately help simplify operation, enhance situational awareness and increase flight safety.

The Cirrus Perspective cockpit includes a “LEVEL (LVL) MODE”, a new safety feature that may be used in times of high workload when the pilot needs a few extra moments to flip through charts or read back a clearance. When engaged, it brings the aircraft to straight and level flight.

In addition, Perspective is the first single engine piston aircraft with an all-glass Garmin cockpit to utilize dual, solid-state Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) that can align while in motion, including in-flight dynamic restarts. This turbine aircraft style architecture provides Cirrus pilots with an extra level of redundancy and safety.

Source: Garmin and Cirrus
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I think that will be a great achievement offering the Cirrus Perspective and will add benefits especially to the pilots.