Piper Aircraft Plans To Stay In Florida

Piper Aircraft recently announced an agreement that will keep the general aviation manufacturer’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Indian River County. Piper Aircraft builds The Matrix, a cabin-class six seat aircraft, pictured above.

According to Piper Aircraft....

“Florida is a state that leads the nation in encouraging aviation, and Piper Aircraft is one of general aviation’s uncontested leaders,” said Florida Governor Charlie Crist. “This agreement is an investment in Florida. It represents thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in wages, economic development and other contributions for Indian River County, surrounding local communities and our state.”

“We are pleased and honored to announce our decision to remain and expand our operations in Indian River County,” said Piper President & CEO James K. Bass. “Our decision is not just a vote of confidence for our hometown, it is also a commitment by Piper to Indian River County and the State of Florida.”

The decision to stay came after an extensive site selection process that addressed fundamental issues and needs that Piper cited as vital in remaining competitive and prospering in what is a very challenging industry.

Source: Piper Aircraft
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Florida for being aviation friendly! We need more states to help us build aviation and lower the costs (fuel costs aside) to get more people flying.