Cessna Sells New Aircraft to Nine Global Training Fleets in the First Half of 2010

Photo Credit: Cessna

Cessna Aircraft Company reports the sales of new aircraft to nine global training fleets in the first half of 2010, marked by the recent delivery of the 12th 172 Skyhawk to a Russian training program.

Photo Credit: Cessna

Since January, Cessna has delivered more than 60 aircraft to major aviation university programs in the United States and for training programs in countries such as Egypt, Korea, Turkey and Uganda, in addition to several programs in Russia.
Photo Credit: Cessna

“The reasons Cessna aircraft are so popular with training programs is the range of products we offer – whatever is required, we have aircraft to meet their needs - the reliability of our products and Cessna’s reputation for customer service,” Gibbs said. “They know our support network is one of the largest in the industry. If they need support, it is likely going to be very close by.”

Source: Cessna
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Bombardier Aerospace Builds All-Composite Manufacturing Validation Unit

Bombardier Aerospace has announced it has reached another significant Learjet 85 aircraft program milestone, having successfully built the first all-composite manufacturing validation unit (MVU) for the aircraft’s pressure fuselage section.

Photo Credit: Bombardier

This unit will be used to validate the design concepts, manufacturing processes and quality as the program advances towards the beginning of production, scheduled for later this year.

“This is another crucial step towards the start of production of the first Learjet 85 aircraft,” said Ralph Acs, Vice President, Learjet 85, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Our next step will be to apply what we learn from this first manufacturing validation unit to the second unit, in order to confirm our technology readiness.”

Source: Bombardier
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