Cessna Citation Service Centers Welcome Avfuel Charge Cards

Cessna Aircraft Company announced the U.S. Citation Service Centers now accept Avfuel Charge Cards and Cessna Contract Fuel Cards from Avfuel Corp., the nation’s leading independent supplier of aviation fuels and services.

“We are very pleased to offer the additional convenience of Avfuel charge cards to thousands of Citation customers using our company service centers in the U.S.,” said Cessna Vice President of Service Facilities Stan Younger. “Avfuel’s cards are designed specifically to meet the needs of aircraft owners and operators and now card holders will be welcomed by our Cessna-owned Citation Service Centers.”

Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., Avfuel Corp. serves the global aviation industry through a network of more than 600 domestic dealers and 700 international locations with Avfuel Contract Fuel. Avfuel is the leading independent supplier of aviation fuel and services to FBOs as well as a diverse market of specialty carriers including airlines, freight companies, military special operations, helicopter users and corporate flight departments.

Source and Photo Credit: Cessna
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The Phenom 100 By Embraer Is The Latest Entry In The Light Jet Market

Photo Credit: Embraer

AOPA Online features an up-close look at Embraer’s Phenom 100, the latest entrant in the light jet market, including a visit to Embraer’s main factory in São José dos Campos.

According to Embraer, the Phenom 100 is the result of a clean-sheet design, coupled with Embraer’s experience and history of building commercial, military, and executive aircraft.

Source: AOPA Online and Embraer
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Cessna Aircraft and Bell Helicopter Recieve $500 Million In Government Credit To Finance Aircraft Sales

Kansas.com reports that Cessna Aircraft and Bell Helicopters will receive $500 million in government credit to finance the sales of aircraft to international customers.

According to the story, Textron Financial Corp. was using private capital markets to finance sales till the contraction of the credit market. Now credit from the Export-Import Bank of the United States will permit Textron to continue offering financing.

Source: Kansas.com
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Gulfstream Tests Composite Structural Wing Assembly

Gulfstream Aerospace recently completed testing on its first all-composite structural wing assembly. The testing took place in the structural test hangar at Gulfstream headquarters in Savannah.

The structural wing assembly, also known as a wing box, includes the wing’s spars, ribs, stiffeners and skins. The all-composite device was manufactured at the new Gulfstream Research and Development Center (RDC) II Laboratory Building by the company’s Advanced Composites group.

Gulfstream engineers and technicians were involved in the design, development, manufacturing and testing of the wing assembly. The 18-foot structural wing assembly, which weighs 465 pounds, is similar in size and shape to the outboard section of the Gulfstream G650 aircraft with a 35 percent weight reduction. It is the biggest section of a wing that could fit in the RDC II Laboratory’s autoclave, a high-pressurized oven used to cure composites.

The Advanced Composites team performed a number of tests, including one to design ultimate loading with the wing in good condition and again after the wing had been damaged intentionally. The test program confirmed that the team was able to accurately predict non-linear behavior and eventual structural failure by analysis.Using composite materials instead of metal reduces an aircraft’s weight and cost, the fuel it burns and the carbon dioxide it emits.

Composites also improve the aircraft’s efficiency, durability and skin appearance. In new aircraft designs, weight reduction influences the size and thrust of the engines, which further adds to the reductions in fuel burned and carbon dioxide emitted.Gulfstream has incorporated modest levels of composites in its planes for more than 20 years. They are used in floor panels, furnishings, fairings, cover pieces and the aft pressure bulkhead section of the fuselage.

Source and Photo Credit: Gulfstream
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Cessna Citation CJ4 Wing Mated to Fuselage

Cessna Aircraft Company has completed wing/fuselage mate of Citation CJ4 serial number 003. The new Citation CJ4, the latest in the popular CJ series, will enter service in 2010.

Three aircraft, a prototype and serial numbers 001 and 002, have started certification flight test in Wichita, already accumulating more than 800 flight hours of developmental testing. The first two production aircraft were assembled to production specifications on production tooling while No. 3 is the first CJ4 to be assembled with production tooling on the new assembly line.

The Citation CJ4 joins the CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 as part of one of the most popular families of business jets in production. The original CitationJet was introduced in 1993 and the family of nearly 1,400 airplanes has amassed more than 2.1 million flight hours since its introduction in 1993.

Source and Photo Credit: Cessna
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Remos Aircraft Establishes Firm Lead In LSA sales In The United States

The Remos Aircraft homepage reports that Remos has established a firm lead in LSA sales in the United States.

According to Remos Aircraft, for the 12‐month period ending in April, 2009, Remos sold a total of 59 aircraft, 17 units ahead of the second highest selling LSA model.

In the 3, 6, and 12‐month time periods, REMOS consistently outsold all other LSA manufacturers. With significant interest emerging from leading flight schools in the country REMOS expects to further widen their lead and increase their market share. Remos was recently selected for primary and advanced training by Florida Institute of Technology.

“We came into this market following a number of established companies,” said REMOS CEO Corvin Huber. “The superior performance and workmanship found in REMOS Aircraft has attracted considerable attention and distinguished the GX with a pattern of escalating sales. REMOS is now recognized as an industry leader. It hasset the standard for Light Sport Aircraft.”

Source and Photo Credit: Remos Aircraft
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What Does The Future Hold For Business Aviation?

Aviation Week reports on a recent panel assembled by Business & Commercial Aviation and their predictions of what the future holds for the aviation industry.

According to the Aviation Week story, business aviation is suffering not just from a slow economy, but also from negative publicity of auto industry CEOs scolded for their use of private jets.

The image of business aviation serving only an elite group of wealthy flyers is hurting the industry. In reality, 80 percent of aircraft operators are middle-market companies.

The challenge to the aviation industry is demonstrating to businesses of all sizes the practical uses for private aircraft.

Source: Aviation Week
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Cessna Citation Mustang Fleet Grows to 200

Cessna Aircraft Company announced it has delivered the 200th Citation Mustang, with the aircraft going to Maritime Air Charters. The event was marked with a brief ceremony at Cessna’s Independence, Kan., facility.

“The Mustang has become a game-changer, starting with its certification as the first aircraft in a new line of entry level business jets and its first delivery two years ago,” said Roger Whyte, Cessna’s senior vice president, Sales and Marketing. “This milestone is the visible evidence of the success of the Mustang’s entry into service.”

Though based in Honolulu, Maritime Air Charters will operate the new Mustang as a charter aircraft from its facility in Newnan, Ga., outside Atlanta. Maritime intends to offer to other Mustang owners services including aircraft management, flight crew service and charter management.

The current fleet of Citation Mustangs has accumulated more than 34,000 flight hours, and the high-time aircraft has logged nearly 1,000 hours. The Mustang is currently certified in 57 countries including the United States. The six-place Citation Mustang has a top speed of 340 knots (630 kilometers per hour), a range of 1,150 nautical miles (2,130 kilometers) with NBAA IFR Reserves and a service ceiling of 41,000 feet (12,497 meters), enabling more efficient operations above most weather and commercial traffic. The aircraft features a Garmin G1000 system that includes the recently certified Synthetic Vision Technology, two 10-inch primary flight displays, one 15-inch multi-function display and the integrated GFC700 dual-channel, digital autopilot.

Source and Photo Credit: Cessna
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Piper Aircraft Acquired By Imprimis

Piper Aircraft, Inc. recently announced that its owner, American Capital Ltd., has sold its 100 percent stake in the company to Imprimis in a private transaction that aims to secure the long-term success of Florida’s 72 year-old General Aviation company. Imprimis is a corporate finance and investment management firm that operates from its offices in Bangkok, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

According to Piper, Imprimis intends to invest significant capital in Piper’s current operations to strengthen its position in its traditional markets and support the development of key new products such as the PiperJet.

Imprimis was drawn to Piper because of the significant potential that it sees for Piper to expand its activities into new markets in Asia Pacific, which is expected to experience steady growth for two- to six-seat aircraft over the next five years, in part due to shifting demographics and increasing demand for pilot training from training schools and flying clubs (commercial and private).

Outside of long-term plans for growing market share in Asia, the new shareholders are committed to keeping Piper’s headquarters, productionand product development facilities in Vero Beach, Fla.

“Imprimis brings a level of support that will propel Piper from its current status as a company with a strong heritage, track record of innovation and great potential to one that is growing and pushing the envelope within General Aviation,” said Piper President and CEO James K. Bass. “Imprimis’ commitment to grow Piper in both existing and emerging markets comes at a time when we are poised to enter a new era in aviation history.”

Source and Photo Credit: Piper Aircraft
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