Remos Aircraft Establishes Firm Lead In LSA sales In The United States

The Remos Aircraft homepage reports that Remos has established a firm lead in LSA sales in the United States.

According to Remos Aircraft, for the 12‐month period ending in April, 2009, Remos sold a total of 59 aircraft, 17 units ahead of the second highest selling LSA model.

In the 3, 6, and 12‐month time periods, REMOS consistently outsold all other LSA manufacturers. With significant interest emerging from leading flight schools in the country REMOS expects to further widen their lead and increase their market share. Remos was recently selected for primary and advanced training by Florida Institute of Technology.

“We came into this market following a number of established companies,” said REMOS CEO Corvin Huber. “The superior performance and workmanship found in REMOS Aircraft has attracted considerable attention and distinguished the GX with a pattern of escalating sales. REMOS is now recognized as an industry leader. It hasset the standard for Light Sport Aircraft.”

Source and Photo Credit: Remos Aircraft
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