Companies use private aircraft to save time and money

The Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia, features a story about fractional ownership of aircraft by an expanding number of businesses.

Fractional ownership allows companies to share jet aircraft, reducing the cost that would normally place owning a private aircraft out of reach.

A senior vice president from Bank of America's Corporate Aircraft Finance division refers to private aircraft as "time machines", meaning that they give their owners greater flexibility with travel when conducting business.

Do you use an plane through a fractional ownership plan? Leave a comment and tell us about it.
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Cessna tests new Williams FJ44-4A engine

The official site for Cessna Aircraft Company features a report the new Williams FJ44-4A engine's first test flight.

The Williams FJ44-4A will power the new Citation CJ4 being developed by Cessna as the newest member of the popular CJ line of Citation business jets.

First flight of the CJ4 is scheduled for the first half of 2008 and entry into service is set for the first half of 2010.

“The first flight of the new engine went very well, and performance exceeded our expectations during the 50-minute flight,” said CJ4 Program Manager Norm Baker III. “This new Williams engine is going to give our aircraft excellent capability in terms of performance, thrust, fuel economy and aerodynamics.”

The FJ44-4A has the best thrust-to-weight ratio in its thrust class, and it incorporates several proprietary aerodynamic improvements that yield a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
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