Test Establishes Gulfstream G650 As World’s Fastest Civil Aircraft

Gulfstream has announced the Gulfstream G650 recently reached Mach 0.995 as part of its 1,800-hour flight-test program. This accomplishment establishes G650 As World’s Fastest Civil Aircraft.

Photo Credit: Gulfstream

According to Gulfstream, the aircraft achieved this speed during flutter testing, which evaluates the aircraft’s damping responses following an input from an external test device.

Flutter testing is performed at a variety of frequencies, speeds, altitudes, weights and centers of gravity. In order to achieve the maximum speed of Mach 0.995, Gulfstream experimental test pilots Tom Horne and Gary Freeman along with flight test engineer Bill Osborne took Serial Number (S/N) 6001 into a dive, pitching the aircraft’s nose 16 to 18 degrees below the horizon.

Photo Credit: Gulfstream

During the dive, flutter exciters introduced a range of vibration frequencies to the wing, tail and flight control surfaces to ensure the aircraft naturally dampened out the oscillations without further action from the pilots.

Source: Gulfstream
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Happy National Aviation Day

Photo Credit: Library of Congress

Today is National Aviation Day and 138th birthday of Orville Wright.

The National Park Service reports on events taking place at the Wright Brothers National Memorial to mark the occasion.

NYCAviation.com features a list of aviation milestones that have taken place on August 19th, including the founding of Embraer Aircraft in Brazil in 1969.

Source: NYC Aviation and The National Park Service
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Pilot My-Cast iPhone App Includes Aviation Fuel Prices and Charts

Digital Cyclone, Inc., a subsidiary of Garmin, has announced upgrades to Pilot My-Cast by Garmin app that is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Photo Credit: Garmin

According to Garmin, the new features – fuel pricing and approach charts – will be available soon at no additional cost from the iTunes store. Thanks to the real-time fuel price information, pilots will no longer need to wonder where they can find the cheapest 100LL and jet fuel. Pilot My-Cast displays fuel prices at the pilot’s current airport and along their current route.

“We recognize that the essential information pilots need, like weather, constantly changes. Pilot My-Cast is designed to give personalized, up-to-the-minute information that is relevant to a pilot’s specific flight,” said Craig Burfeind, president of Digital Cyclone, Inc. “From getting the best price on fuel to checking the weather to filing a flight plan, Pilot My-Cast is all about putting information and tools in a pilot’s hands that is tailored to them.”

Source: Garmin
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The Bose A20 is Engineered to Deliver Greater Noise Reduction

Bose has introduced the new Bose A20 Aviation Headset, described as "the result of more than 30 years of ongoing Bose research in noise reduction technology".
Photo Credit: Bose According to Bose, the A20 has been engineered to deliver significantly greater noise reduction -- even in louder environments -- and offers improved comfort, clear audio reproduction, and new features, including a Bluetooth communications interface, auxiliary audio input, and priority switching of audio sources.

“Since introducing the industry’s first active noise reduction headset in 1989, we’ve continued our aviation research with a very specific goal: to improve the flying experience for pilots,” said Sean Garrett, general manager of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group. “With the A20 headset, several proprietary technologies work together to deliver a combination of benefits that wasn’t available until today.”

To achieve a greater level of noise reduction in the cockpit -- where noise levels can reach 105 dBA -- the A20 Aviation Headset uses a new, more advanced approach to active noise reduction, leveraging the technology used in the acclaimed Bose QuietComfort 15 consumer headphones for the more demanding applications of pilots.

Source: Bose
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