New Schweiss Liftstrap Conversion Kit Now Available for Your Tired Old Hangar Door

Other than aircraft owners who need bifold or hydraulic doors for their new or existing hangars, the next most frequent request that Schweiss Doors receives is from hangar owners who want to upgrade their doors with a Schweiss Bifold liftstrap retrofit conversion to replace outdated cable lift systems. A majority of these requests are for doors made by other manufacturers.

Schweiss Doors has been happy to accommodate all these requests which have been coming in from throughout the United States and abroad. A liftstrap conversion kit is now available that comes with easy do-it-yourself install instructions, or Schweiss Doors can do the retrofit for you.

For years, bifold doors have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of unsafe steel cables.  Schweiss revolutionized this process with the invention of its patented liftstraps. Ninety-six percent of Schweiss Door customers are now demanding these strong polyester lift straps.

Liftstraps give you more lifting ability. The strength-to-weight ratio on the straps is 29,000 lbs. tensile strength, compared to a 1/4 inch cable which only gives you a 7,200 lb. rating. They vastly outlast cables, you no longer have cables or pulleys to adjust and cables have been known to break, causing damage to expensive aircraft and machinery. Schweiss liftstraps never rust, tangle or overwrap and are guaranteed for 10 years. As your bifold door opens, liftstraps wrap around the lift drum increasing the size of the lift drum and thereby causing your door to open faster.

Liftstrap doors can be ordered with auto latches and remote openers, so with just a push of a button your bifold hangar door is automatically secure, sealed tight from weather, water and wind.

Here’s what some Schweiss Doors satisfied customers are saying:

• “It was more a safety issue for me to get liftstraps. I had to replace my cables a couple of times.”
• “My door was bought from another company that went out of business. The door now works better than when it was new.”
• “I can’t say enough about your liftstraps, I wish I would have done it originally. Our hangar door now definitely lifts smoother with a uniform lock and a better fit when it locks.”
• “I would never have cables. Straps are the only way to fly — no noise, no creeps, no crunches. I’ve had them for 10 years and my straps don’t look any different than the day they were put in.”

For more information on Schweiss doors and liftstrap retrofit conversion kits, visit the Schweiss website at www.schweissdoors.com or call 800-746-8273.
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