Cessna Finance Corporation Offers New Finance Option

Cessna Aircraft Company has announced that its sister company, Cessna Finance Corporation (CFC), has initiated a new finance program with lower rates available for Cessna's single-engine piston and Caravan aircraft purchased in 2009.

Photo Credit: Cessna

"We are finding many people are ready to buy a new aircraft but are unsure about where to finance the purchase, so CFC initiated this program to ease their concern with a smoother process and lower rates," said John Doman, vice president, Worldwide Propeller Aircraft Sales."And since many of these aircraft are used for business, they may also qualify in the United States for accelerated depreciation, an option of the 2009 Federal stimulus package that is set to expire this year," Doman said. "It really is an excellent time to buy a new Cessna."

The CFC program offers new rates for the entire Cessna line of propeller aircraft: the Cessna 172, 182 and 206 high-wing pistons, the Corvalis and Corvalis TT high-performance pistons, and the 208/208B Caravan/Grand Caravan turboprops.

Source: Cessna
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Two New Features Available With The Cirrus Perspective by Garmin

The Cirrus Aircraft News site reports that the AOPA Directory and automatic database synchronization are now available with the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin avionics suite.

Photo Credit: Cirrus Aircraft

According to Cirrus Aircraft, the The AOPA Directory allows access to useful airport information, including rental cars, airport restaurants and lodging.The new automatic database synchronization feature will automatically check all databases stored on the digital cards.

Source: Cirrus Aircraft
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Gulfstream Marks 500th Enhanced Vision System Entry-Into-Service

Photo Credit: Gulfstream

Gulfstream recently marked the entry-into-service of its 500th revolutionary Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS). The milestone comes eight years after the company began offering the industry-leading flight deck technology to operators of large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft.

The original Gulfstream EVS, and now the second-generation EVS II, uses a nose-mounted FLIR (forward-looking infrared) camera, specially designed by Elbit Systems of America –Commercial Aviation Kollsman, to generate actual, real-time images of the aircraft’s surroundings. The system dramatically increases situational awareness at night and during low-visibility daylight conditions by allowing pilots to see terrain, runways, taxiways and approaches that are undetectable by unaided sight. To date, EVS I is in-service on 464 Gulfstream aircraft, while EVS II is in-service on 36Gulfstream aircraft.

“For more than 50 years, safety has been the prime focus at Gulfstream,” said Pres Henne,senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream.“This milestone reaffirms that. It has been said that the Gulfstream EVS is one of the greatest strides forward in aviation safety since the introduction of the instrument landing system in 1929.”

Source: Gulfstream
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Cessna Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Citation's First Flight

Cessna Aircraft Company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the maiden flight of the Citation, the first airplane model in what has become the largest fleet of business jets in the world.
Photo Credit: Cessna

On Sept. 15, 1969, pilot-in-command Milt Sills and co-pilot J.L. LeSueur flew the first prototype of the Cessna Citation from Wichita's Municipal Airport (now Mid-Continent Airport). The one hour and 45 minute flight was a significant milestone in bringing the company's first business jet to market. Flight testing continued until certification in September 1971, followed by deliveries in January 1972.

Photo Credit: Cessna

Cessna had unveiled a mockup of the aircraft in October 1968, originally calling it the Fanjet 500. The concept was to offer a growing population of business travelers an aircraft that was an easy transition for twin-engine turboprop pilots and a quieter, simpler, safer and less expensive option than other business jets on the market. At a price of about $695,000, the Citation offered a maximum cruise speed of 349 knots true air speed in a six-passenger, pressurized, turbofan-powered business jet with short takeoff and landing requirements.

Source: Cessna
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Cessna Delivers First Citation X Retrofitted With Winglets

The Cessna homepage announces the delivery of the first Cessna Citation X to be fitted with Elliptical Winglets.

Photo Credit: Cessna

According to the story, Cessna and Winglet Technology, LLC, collaborated to develop the latter's patented Elliptical Winglet for retrofit on Cessna's Citation X business jet.

The patented Elliptical Winglet shape ensures the lift distribution closely matches optimum lift distribution along the span of the wing, which reduces the induced drag of the aircraft. The resulting drag reduction enhances operational performance for the Citation X including decreased fuel consumption, increased speed and increased range.

Source: Cessna
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