Diamond Aircraft Offers Special Deal On The DA40 XLS or DA40 CS

According to Diamond Aircraft, there has never been a better time to buy a Diamond DA40 XLS or DA40 CS, especially with a new offer from good through year-end 2008.

Customers who buy and take delivery of a new DA40 between now and December 31, 2008, receive free maintenance, free insurance, free fuel and free flight training, for the first year of operation – a $13,250 value.

The offer includes a free fuel card worth $5,000 and free flight training via a $2,000 training credit, which customers can use for transition training or toward any rating – private or more advanced, in their new airplane.

Source: Diamond Aircraft
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Embraer Presents Forecast For Business Aviation

Embraer recently presented its 20-year forecast of the world demand for 30- to 120-seat commercial jets, and its ten-year forecast for the business aviation market.

According to the report, Embraer forecasts a global demand of 11,880 business jets for 2009-2018, which could generate approximately US$ 204 billion in new aircraft deliveries. The new air taxi and branded charter market may add yet another 1,800 to 2,800 jets to the personal and entry level segments for the same period.

Embraer is investing over US$ 100 million in the infrastructure and organization for customer support and services. In 2008, three new Company-owned service centers were inaugurated in the States of Connecticut, Arizona and Florida, in the United States. The service network will be comprised of 45 centers, including seven wholly owned facilities.

Source: Embraer
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Garmin GPS/EFB Devices Help Pilots See Their Altitude Between Aircraft And Terrain

The Official Garmin blog reports on the GPSMAP 696 and 695 large displayed GPS / EFB hybrids.

The 696 and 695 were displayed at the AOPA Expo convention and generated buzz thanks to new features.

One of the capabilities of the 696 is an added view for pilots to see the upcoming terrain and differences between the aircraft’s altitude and altitude of the terrain, allowing pilots to visualize how much space they will need to clear the ground more safely.

Source: Garmin
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Cessna On Track To Deliver 105 Caravans This Year

Cessna Aircraft Company recently reported it is on track to deliver 105 Caravans this year and increase to an expected 120 deliveries in 2009.

“The Caravan is the leader in a unique market segment. Because of its utility, reliability and multiple functionalities, we continue to see increased interest and stable sales for the Caravan in the military, government and special missions segments,” said John Doman, Cessna vice president of worldwide propeller aircraft sales.

“We currently have a record backlog for the Caravan and expect to sustain the 120 delivery rate for the next several years. An added benefit for our customers is the Caravan continues to be known for its ability to retain its value well,” Doman said.

Source: Cessna
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Diamond Aircraft Selected For CAE schools

According to the Diamond Aircraft homepage, the CAE has selected Diamond Aircraft as its provider of choice for flight training airplanes and Diamond-specific flight training devices in order to support the deployment of the CAE Global Academy.

CAE will operate DA40 and DA42 aircraft for their ab-initio flight training schools. As a first order, CAE has purchased 22 aircraft and four type-specific flight training devices, which will be deployed in India.

The CAE Global Academy is a network of flight schools providing ab-initio training, in strategic locations around the world, to meet the growing need for professional pilots.

“The CAE Global Academy leverages CAE’s unique experience in professional pilot training, as well as our partners’ in-depth local expertise, to offer aspiring professional pilots high quality and efficient ab-initio training,” said Jeff Roberts, CAE's Group President, Innovation and Training and Services. “Diamond has demonstrated its capability and clear dedication to providing a full range of modern fuel-efficient aircraft and complementary training devices for professional flight training.”

Source: Diamond Aircraft
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