Diamond Aircraft Selected For CAE schools

According to the Diamond Aircraft homepage, the CAE has selected Diamond Aircraft as its provider of choice for flight training airplanes and Diamond-specific flight training devices in order to support the deployment of the CAE Global Academy.

CAE will operate DA40 and DA42 aircraft for their ab-initio flight training schools. As a first order, CAE has purchased 22 aircraft and four type-specific flight training devices, which will be deployed in India.

The CAE Global Academy is a network of flight schools providing ab-initio training, in strategic locations around the world, to meet the growing need for professional pilots.

“The CAE Global Academy leverages CAE’s unique experience in professional pilot training, as well as our partners’ in-depth local expertise, to offer aspiring professional pilots high quality and efficient ab-initio training,” said Jeff Roberts, CAE's Group President, Innovation and Training and Services. “Diamond has demonstrated its capability and clear dedication to providing a full range of modern fuel-efficient aircraft and complementary training devices for professional flight training.”

Source: Diamond Aircraft
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