Small pilots concerned about new FAA regulations

The Decatur Daily of Decatur, Alabama, reports on the controversy over the Next Generation Air Transportation System Financing Reform Act of 2007 and its impact on small-plane pilots.

The FAA says more revenue is required for new air-traffic control systems, needed to handle increased cargo and passenger aircraft in the skies.

Pilots of smaller aircraft fear that the new rules would push gas taxes to four times present rates. Some pilots grounding their aircraft.

Other pilots fear that there will be battle between small plane pilots and commercial airlines over who should pay higher taxes.

What do you think? How would you be affected by the new FAA rules? Leave a comment and tell us your story.
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Guide your aircraft using XM WX Satellite Weather

The XM WX Satellite Weather service provides crucial weather information for pilots, displaying radar data and other information on a dash-mounted or handheld device.

Flying Magazine's site features a profile devices used for XM WX Satellite Weather (or XM Weather for short) and the different versions and prices available to pilots.

While XM Weather devices offer information to small plane pilots that larger planes receive, pilots still have to interpret the data and respect the limitations of the technology.

XM Weather information works best when balanced with other weather prediction tools and sound judgment by experienced pilots.
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40 percent increase in helicopter sales expected

If engine-maker Honeywell is correct, you'll be hearing the sound of rotors more often as helicopter sales increase.

According to Aviation Week, Honeywell is forecasting a 40 percent increase in helicopter deliveries over the next five years. Honeywell predicts 6,000 new helicopters will be needed between now and 2016

There was jump in helicopter sales by 9 percent in 2006 alone.

The demand for new helicopters ranges from business travelers, medical services, and law enforcement, with customers ranging from the United States to Africa and Asia.
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Shared ownership of aircraft is growing

Flying magazine's website features a story on shared ownership of aircraft.

Businesses that want to own new plane, but are reluctant to shoulder the costs, can own a plane jointly with others in a timeshare arrangement.

While the cost of joint ownership is not cheap, the concept is growing and giving access to aircraft to businesses who might never have considered it before.
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Flying sand may have cracked aircraft windshields in Denver

The recent mystery over cracked windshields at Denver International Airport may have been solved, with wind-driven sand blamed as the culprit.

On February 16, fourteen planes at the Denver Airport developed cracks on their front and side windshields, which prompted an investigation.

According to the The Denver Post, it is now believed that sand put down on the runway may have been driven the 48 mph winds that day, causing pitting damage, then cracks, on the windshields.
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