Single pilot jets take to the air

Flying Magazine’s website features a story about single pilot jet aircraft and their regulation. The FAA has permitted jets to fly with single pilots since 1977, but there are still issues concerning safety and insurance that remain.

The story also covers the history and decisions the FAA made over time when writing the regulations for single pilot jets. The FAA concluded that the pilot is the crucial factor in the safety of a plane. While bigger transport jets still require two pilots, and experienced pilot can fly a smaller jet alone.

Do you fly a single pilot jet plane? Tell us you story. Leave a comment below.
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Seagull airplanes? How bird wings could change aircraft

Seagulls are often mocked as a lowly bird and called "rats with wings". Movies like Finding Nemo portray the gull as an obnoxious eating machine. What the seagull lacks in manners, it makes up for in aerodynamics.

National Geographic News reports that NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia conducted wind tunnel tests using nature's sleekest designs as inspiration. Test wings were built using the fins and wings of sharks, whales, and birds as a template

Out of all the test wings, the seagull-style wing showed the greatest drag reduction.

Now does this mean we will be seeing seagull-shaped planes soaring overhead soon? Not yet. NASA is gearing up for more space exploration, not airplane construction. New strong and pliable construction materials will be needed as well.
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