Garmin SafeNav Guides Airport Vehicles Away From Runways

Photo Credit: Garmin

The Garmin company blog features information on SafeNav, an on-vehicle, GPS-based navigation and alert system designed to provide airport vehicle operators with information to avoid accidental runway incursions.

The SafeNav is powered by the same technology found in Garmin-equipped aircraft. Garmin's SafeTaxi maps guide operators driving on the ground to see where the runways, taxiways and buildings are at the airport.

Source: Garmin
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New Cessna RightNow Interiors Program Reduces Time On Refurbishments of Citations

Cessna has announced a program to reduce lead times required for interior refurbishments of classic Citations.

According to Cessna, the new RightNow Interiors program, Cessna’s Citation Service Centers will stock pre-selected, certified interior design materials, eliminating long-lead times – typically eight to 12 weeks – traditionally necessary to order materials for interior refurbishments.

“This program is another way to add flexibility into the maintenance process for our customers, or to fast-track a refurbishment for a new customer eager to get an airplane updated with a new look,” said Stan Younger, Cessna’s vice president of Service Facilities. “A customer will find it easier to schedule interior refurbishments at the last minute to coincide with their personal schedules.”

Source: Cessna
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Aviation Apps Bring the iPad to the Cockpit

The iPad is the hottest selling tech item in years and promises to bring sweeping changes to publishing, video, and office computing.

AOPA Online features a story on the potential uses of the iPad for pilots. Aviation apps have been available for the iPhone before.

Apps, like ForeFlight, are already expanding their capabilities for iPad's larger screen and interactive tools. Aviation apps can help pilots prepare pre-flight checklists, track weather, and even check for restaurants near destination airports.

Source: APOA Online and ForeFlight
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Bombardier Learjet 85 Aircraft On Schedule

Bombardier Aerospace recently reported on its Learjet 85 program development.

Photo Credit: Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier reports having successfully exited the Joint Definition Phase in February 2010, Bombardier Learjet is now working with over 40 suppliers worldwide in the detail design phase. All aircraft performance objectives continue to be achieved and the program is on schedule for entry into service in 2013.

Photo Credit: Bombardier Aerospace
The new Learjet 85 aircraft will be the first Bombardier Aerospace jet to feature an all-composite structure and will be the first all-composite structure business jet designed for type certification under U.S. Federal Aviation Administration FAR Part 25.

An extraordinary advancement in next-generation flight, the Learjet 85 aircraft’s all-composite structure will allow Learjet aircraft designers to maximize cabin comfort while minimizing drag and improving performance.

Source: Bombardier Aerospace
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