Aviation Apps Bring the iPad to the Cockpit

The iPad is the hottest selling tech item in years and promises to bring sweeping changes to publishing, video, and office computing.

AOPA Online features a story on the potential uses of the iPad for pilots. Aviation apps have been available for the iPhone before.

Apps, like ForeFlight, are already expanding their capabilities for iPad's larger screen and interactive tools. Aviation apps can help pilots prepare pre-flight checklists, track weather, and even check for restaurants near destination airports.

Source: APOA Online and ForeFlight
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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find a decent iPad Kneeboard.

Russ said...

Just do a search on "ipad kneeboard" and you'll come up with dozens of hits on the one at www.ForPilotsOnly.com. AOPA was alerted about it when they were writing the story but said they weren't interested in kneeboards. Go figure.