Gulfstream business jets recieve FAA approval to fly predetermined approaches

Gulfstream has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the company’s PlaneView - equipped business jets – the G550, G500, G450 and G350 – to fly “Required Navigation Performance Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required” (RNP SAAAR) airport approaches.

For the past year, Gulfstream has been working with the FAA, NetJets and Honeywell International to secure FAA approval that would allow the two companies’ Gulfstream PlaneView-equipped aircraft to fly RNP SAAAR approaches. Aircraft flying under RNP SAAAR procedures use both global positioning and inertial navigation reference systems to fly predetermined paths preloaded in their flight management computers.

These paths, which are navigated through the Flight Guidance Control System, allow pilots to fly safer, more-direct and lower-minimum approaches, thereby reducing typical diversions. These more direct airport approaches reduce the time aircraft are in the air, saving operators both time and fuel.
“This recent effort is an example of our continued commitment to ensuring our customers aircraft are operating at top efficiency,” said Joseph T. Lombardo, president, Gulfstream. “By utilizing the RNP SAAAR airport approaches, we expect both NetJets and Honeywell will immediately see positive effects in terms of fuel costs and passenger satisfaction.”
This approval followed the successful completion of Gulfstream’s two-pronged effort -- to prove the accuracy of the aircraft’s onboard navigational systems and to create flight crew operations and maintenance documents that provide guidance on conducting RNP SAAAR approaches.
Source: Gulfstream
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