Pilot My-Cast iPhone App Includes Aviation Fuel Prices and Charts

Digital Cyclone, Inc., a subsidiary of Garmin, has announced upgrades to Pilot My-Cast by Garmin app that is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Photo Credit: Garmin

According to Garmin, the new features – fuel pricing and approach charts – will be available soon at no additional cost from the iTunes store. Thanks to the real-time fuel price information, pilots will no longer need to wonder where they can find the cheapest 100LL and jet fuel. Pilot My-Cast displays fuel prices at the pilot’s current airport and along their current route.

“We recognize that the essential information pilots need, like weather, constantly changes. Pilot My-Cast is designed to give personalized, up-to-the-minute information that is relevant to a pilot’s specific flight,” said Craig Burfeind, president of Digital Cyclone, Inc. “From getting the best price on fuel to checking the weather to filing a flight plan, Pilot My-Cast is all about putting information and tools in a pilot’s hands that is tailored to them.”

Source: Garmin
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