The Next Generation Of Private Jets And "The Jet" From Cirrus Design

Halogenguides.com features a report on the four trends for the next generation of private jets.

What will the future of private aviation hold? We already know that flying cars are out (for now).

According to the story, the bodies of private jets will likely be constructed from lighter and stronger composite material instead of aluminum. Designers are striving to build supersonic jets that will dampen the impact of sonic booms. The engines of new jets will be greener, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Cirrus Design offers a glimpse of what future private aircraft with the concept simply called The Jet.

According to Cirrus Design, The Jet will be powered by a single-engine Williams International FJ33-4A-19 Fanjet, small enough to be stored in a conventional hangar, and feature controls simple enough to enable single-pilot flight.

Source: HalogenGuides.com and Cirrus Design
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