The Worlds Smallest Helicopter GEN H-4 Honors The Memory of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci drew an early concept of a helicopter in the 1500s. Centuries later, a pilot plans to honor the famous inventor and painter with a flight of a unique helicopter.

The 165 pound GEN H-4 helicopter is not much bigger than the person who flies it and holds the Guinness World Record for smallest helicopter. According to the Associated Press, the GEN H-4 features two rotors for stability and can fly up to 35 miles an hour.

Gennai Yanagisawa, developer of the GEN H-4, was to fly the helicopter in the city of Vinci, near Florence, Italy, on May 25th.

Here is You Tube video of the GEN H-4 in action.

Source: Associated Press, Wikimedia Commons, and YouTube
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