Business Jet Sales Continue To Grow In A Tight Economy

As major airlines are trying to cut costs to deal with high fuel prices, sales of business jets are booming.

The San Jose Mercury News reports a study indicates that the number of business jets being built will double in the next ten years.It is more than just the price of airline air travel making the difference to businesses that lease or buy jets. The choice is also a matter of convenience.

Business jets bypass the annoyances of lost baggage and intrusive security checks.

Fuel costs are hitting jet-charter companies just as hard as big airlines and raising rates, but customers are still willing to pay more for a business jet to avoid the unpleasantness of flying a big airline.

Source: The San Jose Mercury News
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Anonymous said...

This report is good news for those in the aviation industry that sell airplanes. With the rising cost of aviation fuel, the outlook had looked a bit gloomy. Even the air freight market has been hit by it. However it looks like there are still business people out there who want the convenience of their own business jets.