The Matrix Gives Piper Aircraft A Boost In A Tough Economy

No one is truly immune when the economy is sluggish, even the wealthy are cutting back on spending due to higher fuel costs and tight credit.

Despite the rough times, one aircraft company is enjoying success thanks in part to a new model.  TCPalm.com reports that the new Piper Matrix boosted sales for Piper Aircraft Inc. during the second quarter.

The Piper Matrix, a cabin-class six seat aircraft and the latest addition to Piper’s PA-46 family of aircraft, was introduced in 2007. According to the story, The General Aviation Manufacturers Association reports that Piper Aircraft sold 75 units during the second quarter, beating the 43 units sold in the first quarter.

Worldwide demand for aircraft is thriving the market despite economic woes with the United States economy.  The General Aviation Manufacturers Association also reported that aircraft sales for the aviation industry were $12.1 billion, a 24.1 percent increase in the first half of 2008.

Source: TCPalm.com
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