FAA Awards Piper Type Certificate Organization Designation Authorization

Piper Aircraft, Inc. reports that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Piper with Type Certificate Organization Designation Authorization (TC-ODA), which gives Piper the authority to act on behalf of the FAA in the approval of airplane designs and certification to FAA standards of airworthiness.

Photo Credit: Piper Aircraft

“We’re honored by the FAA’s recognition of our capabilities and expertise,” said Piper CEO Kevin J. Gould. FAA officials Melvin Taylor, Manager of the FAA Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office, and Mack Riley, Manager of the FAA Orlando Manufacturing Inspection District Office, presented Gould and Piper President John D. Becker with an official letter of authorization during a ceremony held here at Piper headquarters.

TC-ODA is similar to the previous FAA standard, Delegation Option Authorization (DOA) that Piper held. “TC-ODA is one of the most important authorizations that the FAA awards aircraft manufacturers,” said Becker. “This authorization affirms the FAA’s confidence in Piper’s ability to design, develop and certify aircraft.

Source: Piper Aircraft
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