Cessna Delivers 300th Citation X

Cessna Aircraft Company has delivered the 300th Citation X to its authorized sales representative, Jetalliance, based in Vienna, Austria. The Citation X will be operated from Vienna by an unnamed retail customer. Jetalliance is Cessna’s authorized sales representative for Russia and Eastern Europe.

Photo Credit: Cessna

“The Citation X continues to be a popular aircraft all over the world, including Europe. The exceptional speed, reliability, and cabin comfort offered by the Citation X have contributed to its great success,” said Trevor Esling, Cessna’s vice president, International Sales. The Citation X is the world's fastest non-military aircraft with a top speed of .92 Mach, just under the speed of sound. Since launch, Cessna has delivered more than 45 Citation Xs to the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

Photo Credit: Cessna

The Citation X is the top of Cessna's line of light and mid-size business jets and was announced at the 1990 National Business Aviation Association annual meeting and convention. The first Citation X was delivered to golf legend and long-time Cessna customer, Arnold Palmer, in 1996.

Source: Cessna
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