New innovative Schweiss Moving Gate gives versatility

Schweiss one piece hydraulic and patented lift strap bifold doors have been on the market for years. Schweiss now has a newcomer on the scene — the Schweiss Moving Gate.

The Schweiss Moving Gate still utilizes the patented liftstraps, but instead of folding like a bifold door or outward like a hydraulic door, it lifts straight upward. The gate is a perfect solution for a room divider and cladding materials can come in multiple applications or combined with metal, glass or other materials to your liking.

A perfect example of this was a first-of-its-kind Schweiss “Gate” built by Schweiss Doors for “The Paw,” an upscale dog and cat resort. The owner of the 27,000 sq. ft. luxury pet resort needed a room divider gate, wall if you wish, to separate a 96 ft. room in half for dog training and handling purposes. Who you gonna call? Schweiss Doors.

What made this Schweiss 46 ft wide, 1,500 lb. multiple-function designer gate different was how Schweiss Doors built it to his personal gate design. Yenish wanted a quiet and smooth operating Schweiss gate that stood about head high with the top half of seethrough polycarbonate panels and below that utilized steel paneling.

This particular Schweiss gate allows humans and animals to see across to the other side of the room without having to raise the Schweiss gate. A push button control on the side wall lifts the Schweiss gate conveniently out of sight and the Schweiss gate lifts in less than a minute.

Schweiss Doors designed it to lift straight up to the high ceiling, up and out of the way when not in use. Five popular patented Schweiss Bifold liftstraps and a 2 h.p. top-mounted Schweiss quality electric motor easily and quietly lift the Schweiss Moving Gate.

The owner was absolutely needing a safe gate that would not cause harm to humans or animals in the public facility. He also noted that it was reasonably priced and comparative in price to a pocket door, but much easier to use. He enjoyed working with the professional Schweiss design team to get this Schweiss designer gate done.

The Schweiss gate now virtually gives animal resort two rooms to work in, or when in the up position, a larger size room. “If You Can Think It — Schweiss Doors Can Build It!” Learn more about Schweiss Doors at: www.schweissdoors.com or call (800) 746-8273.
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